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Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. A wonderful emulation of the old-school envelope system! Especially if you like the system and hate having all the envelopes. A pair of tabs on the left sidebar house your envelopes, and your bank accounts and transactions are listed in the main pane. Not into apps? Goodbudget (formerly EEBA) digitizes your envelope budget and allows you to manage your finances on the go. Note: This review is part of our budgeting apps roundup. Clicking any envelope from the home screen will list all the transactions for that category in your register. Goodbudget designates envelopes into two categories: Monthly for your regular expenses and Annual for savings goals and irregular expenses like gifts and insurance premiums. And though it doesn’t provide a budgeting method a la YNAB’s four rules or Every Dollar’s “baby steps,” it does offer helpful tips on how to create a budget, get a month ahead on expenses, and budget toward your values. And entering purchases is time-consuming; even if you import files from your bank account, you still have to categorize each transaction manually. Get answers to real-world money questions, from maximizing credit cards to escaping debt. Reviews from Goodbudgeters. But paying to use a budgeting tool may not be the best option for those trying to watch their spending. PCWorld |. Positive & Negative Reviews: Goodbudget: Budget & Finance - 9 Similar Apps, 5 Features, 6 Review Highlights & 33,601 Reviews. Say no more to carrying paper envelopes. Green means you have money left in the envelope; red indicates you’ve gone over budget. Some go on to praise it as “the most used app on my iPhone.”. The fallout from the COVID-19 crisis has caused millions of people to be out of work.Almost 40% of Americans need to borrow money to cover an emergency. For example, say you allot $200 per month to your grocery envelope. So those who want to monitor their credit card and cash spending simultaneously can do so only if they pay for the Plus plan. It doesn’t espouse as strong a philosophy as … Each of these is displayed in easy-to-grok graphs. Please help us keep our site clean and safe by following our, Prevent identity theft, protect your credit, The difference between term and whole life insurance, How medical conditions affect your life insurance rate, Goodbudget Review: The Hands-On Digital Envelope System. ‎Goodbudget is a personal finance app perfect for budget planning, debt tracking, and money management. However, we had to poke around a bit to get familiar with the service. Goodbudget is a budget tracker for the modern age. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Michael Ansaldo is a veteran consumer and small-business technology journalist. While the degree of hands-on maintenance required might be the trick to keep some user committed to budgeting, it seems just as likely to be an impediment to those who already see budgeting as a hardship. We recommend consulting the user guides and instructional videos on the Goodbudget website before you get started. Both plans also include charts and graphs that visually represent your spending and budgeting habits. Download Goodbudget Budget Planner and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Wealthrocket’s Goodbudget review covers everything you need to know to see if this is the right budget tracker for you. Goodbudget is fairly easy to use but high-maintenance. Once you’ve assigned an amount to each envelope, you can start to enter your transactions and see how they affect your budget. There are two Goodbudget plans: a free plan and a paid Plus plan that costs $5 per month or $45 per year. Next you toggle to the Fill Envelopes screen to enter your starting income. You make a trip to Wal-Mart and spend $50 on food. Allocating funds to categroized envelopes lets you more easily budget for expenses and savings. That $50 will be taken out of the envelope, and you’ll have $150 left to spend on groceries for the month. NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. Goodbudgets is an easy-to-use budgeting app for managing simple individual or household finances, but it would be more foolproof if it could sync with your accounts. Use “more” envelopes to allocate money toward annual expenses and savings like a vacation, Christmas gifts or an emergency fund. Goodbudget (formerly EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) is a money manager and expense tracker that’s great for home budget planning. Pay Off Your Debt — See Your Options for Getting There, Check Your Credit: Get Your Free Credit Report, Track Your Spending and Spot Ways to Save — for Free, 5 Money Goals If You’re Still Employed During COVID-19, Do This Before Adopting or Buying a Puppy. The free plan gives budgeters a maximum of 10 regular and 10 annual envelopes, whereas Plus plan members can track as many categories as they please. Read reviews and download the best budgeting apps from top companies, including Mint, PocketGuard, Simple, Goodbudget, Wally and more. Start by customizing your envelopes, adding your income and listing a financial “account” like a checking account, savings account, credit card or cash.

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