shidava gold japanese maple

Yellow/green Japanese maple with small leaves. In winter, the compact tree’s intensely green bark brightens otherwise gray days. Winter interest features light green bark. Plant Category: Shade & Flowering Trees. This dwarf Japanese maple, discovered as a witches broom on Aoyagi, offers dramatic four-season interest with flashy foliage and striking bark. Acer palmatum 'Shidava Gold' Japanese Maple Tree Leaves are a light yellow green on green stems, turning deeper yellow with margin of orange. Full sun to part shade, moist WD soil. Found as a witch s broom by Raraflora Nurery in Australia, this very desirable 3-6' mini is lovely as bonsai, container or in a rockery with its pea-green bark, contrasting in fall with bright yellow-green leaves. It has bright green chartreuse leaves and pea green bark. Email Us for Price and Availability (click for contact form) This tree is a great upright yellow-leafed form of the lovely dwarf Shidava Gold. Location of the plant shown in the first picture : Kwekerij PlantenTuin Esveld. This entry was posted in Acer Palmatum and tagged Acer palmatum 'Shidava Gold, Shidava Gold, Shidava Gold Japanese Maple by admin. New spring leaves emerge yellow-green, turn bright green during summer and golden yellow for fall. About Whitman Farms. The yellow color of these plants does fade to light green as the leaves age and for gold color all season, maybe you'd be best with 'Summer Gold' as suggested above; I haven't … Shidava Gold Japanese Maple Zone: 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thank you for the info on the fall color. 'Shidava Gold' and 'Lima Gold' are interesting smaller trees. Acer palmatum 'Shidava Gold' A beautiful upright Japanese Maple with bright yellow-green leaves. Bookmark the permalink. Golden yellow for fall. Pink highlights in spring. The leaf colour is yellowgreen. Japanese Maples Bonsai Dwarf. Height: Minimum 6 feet , Maximum 3 feet Report a problem 'Shidava Gold' is a dwarf version of 'Ukon' or 'Aoyagi'. Where to find 'Shidava Gold' Japanese Maple (or similar) Post by austindrake » December 16th, 2020, 2:44 am. The cultivar in the video (timestamped for your convenience) is 'Shidava Gold… H 4-6′ S 4-6′ This plant grows to about 200 cm. SHIDAVA GOLD Acer palmatum ‘Shidava Gold’ A dwarf upright great for a container. Moving up in size a bit, there's a palmatum called 'Aureum' (distinct from the Shirasawa clone). Fall color is straw yellow. Color: Spring; yellow/green, Summer; yellow/green, Fall; gold … Turn a bright green for summer. Leaves good size and turn yellow for fall. Shidava Gold is a wonderful dwarf Acer palmatum that originated as a 'witches broom' on Aoyagi. This highly desirable dwarf has bright green leaves and stems which make it an exceptional sight to see in any … It's definitely taking on a dwarf shape and growth … Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Davidsan's Favorite Japanese Maple; Maples for the Far North; Must-Have Japanese Maples; Davidsan's World of Undiscovered Japanese Maples; ... Acer palmatum Shidava Gold . The fall color is a clear yellow. Exposure: Part Sun. This plant is hardy. By fall I'll know what this tree is, though it sounds like Shidava Gold is the winner. So it sounds like Lutescens will turn a darker green later in the summer, but Shidava Gold stays bright green, at least according to Vertrees. Leaves emerge yellow-green. It will bring a sunny color to your garden. Article On How to choose a Japanese Maple; ... Acer palmatum Winter Gold. HARDINESS ZONES: 5-9: Shidava Gold is very similar to Aoyagi in leaf shape and form however Shidava Gold only grows to about 6 feet. S-PSh Plant is a dwarf tree to about 7 feet. Hi all, I've seen this lovely japanese maple with vibrant yellow bark in this video by "Momiji-En Bonsai & Garden" on Youtube.

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