star king kirito vs goku

With Incarnation and Release Recollection, he could move the entire stars across the night sky. @gelato_exotic: I love how you show me vsbattles even though that website deserve to be in the fucking trash. Put Goku in the game and he still makes Kirito his son, but realistically he just walks over and unplugs his Wifi Router. He can't period. You're the one who can't read for shit LOL, I told you to prove that Vegeta's feat is faster than Gotenks when you have no provable way to do so. it also runs the width of the universe with hell below it. Plus frezze wouldn't kill Goku for 2 reasons, 1 it isn't meant to kill it's meant to trap, 2 ki in db also provides heat thats why saiyans can still fight in outer space and they dont turn in popcile the only reason they die up there is beacuse of a sufecation. A tiny blue star directly above her head twinkled for a moment. Jan 10, 2019 . 1 comment. Shook the entire universe using Incarnation during his fight against the Abyssal Horror with just a 20% of his power. Fight Starts. @jonathancarlton: Yeah, I'm done entertaining your trolling and absolute utter nonsense, you're dismissed. Goku passively becomes a popsicle the moment the fight starts. Kirito’s crest was the black and white swords, covered with the Blue Rose and Osmanthus flowers that were Eugeo and Alice’s flower motif respectively. Though of course Kirito and the Abyssal Horror's clash doesn't shake the universe. I've been defending Goku this entire time. 1 Anime Heroes vs. Villains 1.1 Part 1 (Rounds 1-16) 1.1.1 Round 1 1.2 Part 2 (Round 1-13) Spike Spiegel vs. Raditz Goku vs. Issac the Freezer 3. Galaxy level feat, that's cute. 2. After reading this, I thought to myself, how come this battle thread has still not been locked yet? This battle is SS3 Goku not Saiyan Saga LMFAO. You're gonna need better speed feats than that for Kirito. Oh and PS it's not only 4 galaxys those are Galaxy quadrants in manga and anime it's stated that there are insane numbers of galaxys in universe 7. And I don't parrot shit from Vs Wiki and never have, but it's ironic of you of all people to try and accuse someone of doing so when you used to go around posting Vs Wiki links to justify your arguments. SS3 Goku still bitchslaps this punk ass gaming nerd, is this a joke? This is Kirito at his strongest from Sword Art Online without any injuries; whereas this is Goku at his strongest from Dragon Ball without any injuries. It's just a device to measure Incarnation. With his newfound power of Ultra Instinct, the only entity powerful than Goku in Dragon Ball is the supreme king of the entire Multiverse, Zeno the Omni-King. VS Battles. How much does Goku weight? Her best friend, Ben, comes up with his first proclamation as king and decides to bring five kids from the Isle of the Lost to attend Auradon. This is why I hate novels, they write it in the most laziest way especially on Kratos, "I exhaled and surveyed the unthinkable scene before my eyes again. You'd need the a proportionate amount of force to his durability to be able to affect him, something which Kirito has no feats for. It's a pocket simulation. Oh well, those all sound a lot less impressive in context. I already showed Goku getting frozen from regular ice. @fearreaperredux: People say he is ON RIMARU LEVEL FU****G RIMARU IF THIS ISNT A WANK FOR YOU THEN idk. His own lifting strength doesn't correlate to his physical durability at all. 6. Oh boy, here we go again. @seitaer: And you really think this is going to beat Goku? @seitaer: hahaha come on man don't you see he don't know nothing about underworld and Just use the good scans I mean if he thinks db universe is 2000000 km Long you Just know where his braindead ass is. 1 CAN BEAT: TANJIRO And Asta is nothing but a tiny insect when compared to Goku. It’d be a very different answer compared to anybody here, ngl. SAO character strength has been downplayed for so many years, and then all of the sudden they think Kirito can move stars and shake the universe. It's just so silly to me. It seems like the movies are fair game here too, and SS3 Goku shaking the Afterlife just by powering up>>>>>this nonsense. The two planets of Admina and Cardina are referred to as Stars, but are in fact planets. @floridaman29: he Just wanna let this stupid kids know the truth let him be , @hyoname: do you know who LN rimaru is right bruh like you fucking sao fanboys are such dumb idiots, love how day 1 alts can easily start 2 spamthreads and do whatever they wish, I Will say it that way LN Kirito stomp dbz Goku the same way dbs Goku stomps LN kirito, @d1vine_: I Love how some dumb kirito fans only belive goggle and don't bother to check an Actual LN. That's probably Kirito's greatest strength in any vs fight honestly. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Gotenk's feat has no given timeframe at all besides being faster than the time it takes for aura trails to disappear which happens in split seconds. Are you aware of how much heat and kinetic energy Ki would have to produce to do things like easily perform planet level explosions? There is no interstellar distance or solar systems. Just keep in mind that Bulma and friends need 54 sec to come, from earth to Jupiter in there ship and since the distance between the moon and earth is the same the distance between earth and Jupiter Will also be the same and the distance between them is around 588 milion km when they are the most near each other and to travel there and back it took then 54sec but to travel to namek it took them 37 days so namek should be around 49 light years away so yeah stop with Kirito wank and Goku dawnplay , Plus super dragon balls have diameter around 37.000km and champa Said that they are as big as planets so if earth is around 12.000km in diameter they should take around 1/10 of universe 7 while used if the universe was only 2000000km Long. This was Underworld, all right.". hide. Star King Kirito vs Godzilla (Composite) Thread starter Orion'sBow; Start date Jan 10, 2019; Tags godzilla (universe) kirito sword art online; Orion'sBow. Goku also kept up with Kid Buu who flew between galaxies onscreen in seconds in a flashback, and even back in the Namek Saga, him and Frieza were faster than his own Spaceship which flew from Earth to Namek in 6 days which is in a different quadrant of the Universe. I’d just say about my top 2, since they’re the MOST different compared to anyone here. Round 2: The Ginyu Force. The Underworld itself in the novel was describe to be the size of a milky way as a lowball rough estimate since the actual size wasn't given, so there is no way it would be the size of a pocket simulation. Unlike Gotenk's feat, Vegeta's feat actually does have a quantifiable and consistent timeframe with the dialogue, cinematic timing, and how the setting hadn't changed at all. Kirigaya Kazuto was one of the lucky thousand players chosen to test the beta version of Sword Art Online. What's preventing Kirito from breaking every single bones in Goku's body since Goku doesn't have the weight class to break free from Kirito's TK? Shouldn't he be stronger? @jonathancarlton: I love how you show me vsbattles even though that website deserve to be in the fucking trash. One of the most bulls*** comparisons ever asked for, on Quora. King_Clab; Oct 22, 2020; Versus Threads ; Replies 7 … Which is an outlier by the way since Super Saiyan Gotenks flying around doing laps around the planet was considered impressive during the Buu Saga. Someone already did level 1 vs incarnate hero … Vegeta's attack crossed the entire Solar System, whereas Gotenks only flew across the entire planet. 12/7/2020 @Nace Gabrijelčič @Masen420 @イネブ. Blitzes a character who is faster than another character who can cross the interstellar distance or between Solar Systems in ten minutes. Third Battle! Round 3: Final Form Frieza. Kirito uses his TK to lift up Goku in the air and crushes every single bones in his body. Among every of his abilities, his best ability is his ice manipulation where he could passively absolute zero flash freeze an entire area within a universal range with just a mere thought. Took no damage while he was in the epicenter of his clash with the Abyssal Horror. 5. Pretty much any injury in Underworld can be healed with enough spatial power. Then those kiritards, @seitaer: hahaha come on man don't you see he don't know nothing about underworld and Just use the good scans I mean if he thinks db universe is 2000000 km Long you Just know where his braindead ass is. Goku is so powerful that he can destroy Planets and even defeat the Gods of destruction. Combatants: Kirito by the End of Alicization(No Star King) and Goddess Asuna Vs Kingdoms of Remnant 2. If that’s true, then please — carry my spirit over to him as well. And none of this still correlates to characters who scale above them like SS3 Goku who kept up with Kid Buu who flew across galaxies, Kirito still gets blitzed and one shot no matter how hard you downplay here. 2. Or are you going to claim Asuna can create celestial bodies by crying? It's not a small ass Universe lmfao. You have not showed me a single feat from Goku surviving an absolute zero life draining freeze hax that can reach an entire universal scale. It takes 3 hours for the dragon craft to move between the two planets, not ten minutes. Messages 134. At least this topic doesn't have that weird Kirito merges with his avatar nonsense. "She finished the turn and the imagepanel was once again filled with Caldina’s blue light, where she had left the ground just ten minutes ago. Heaven alone is stated and showcased many times to be the size of the Living Universe, and it's just a single celestial body in the Afterlife. We don't actually know how strong he was, as he never actually appears bar a few minutes of conversation in the real world. A weak ass ice that drains life energy by the way that is absolute zero temperature and is universal scale. @jonathancarlton: Wow, are you still defending Kirito, defending Kirito is like defending Justin Beaver. it would have to be that wide otherwise you would run to the end and fall off and fall......where? Battle Prerequisites a. Note 2: Incarnation for every key is Passive. It's like a power meter, not how much of Kirito's strength is being used. Kirito is not the first to ignore losing limbs and he's not the first to regenerate them either. The entire universe of Underworld that we know of is a Sun and two planets. Kirito can't even make him budge and would get blitzed and one shotted before he could anyways. 4. LOL what? Sword Art Online Volume 18 – Alicization Lasting, I understood was what happening the moment the cluster of stars, drifting here from the north became a rainbow-colored waterfall, The Night Sky Sword’s power was its ability to absorb Resources. Absolute zero is nothing. It looked just within reach, but in reality it was despairingly far away. it would have to be that wide otherwise you would run to the end and fall off and fall......where? Note: This is Alicization Arc Kirito and Buu Saga Goku if you are wondering which versions am I using here for my battle thread!vs.Rules:This is Kirit Wednesday at 19:39. Other than those, Standard Battle Assumptions apply. @seitaer: he can in LN but not in the way they describe. Shaking a universe at 20% of power > shaking the afterlife by transforming into Super Saiyan 3. Underworld while a simulation still has HP values and you can ignore pain with Incarnation. Nothing SS3 Goku can't replicate. Makes no sense to me. So even if a character shook the universe it wouldn't be more than solar system level. Chaos Jester25. Of course none of this was done by Star King Kirito. Second kirito frezze ability isnt meant to kill but to trap and so Goku wouldn die by frezzing to death he would Just break out and third kirito never speedblitz anyone the monster that outspeed a ftl thing (mechadragon) was Abyssal horror and Kirito need a help from 2 People to beat it so no kiritards he is not as Strong as you think. Why is this guy considered “weak” here? Plus Haven and hell are as wide as universe but there is also demon realam Word of Grand Kai and Word of Supreme Kai which is 1/10 of a macrocosm. And you know damn well that image isn't photoshopped lol. save . 3. There isn't a galaxy inside of Underworld, even if it appears to be so. Probably because it's not true. A brilliant golden star was released from her left hand, and then it flew directly towards Kirito’s sword. The two planets of Admina and Cardina are referred to as Stars, but are in fact planets. Nov 17, 2020. Ten minutes is only the amount of time since they've left the planet not the amount of time it takes to travel to the other planet, again not solar systems. Does he weight more than a star? It goes up to 20% when he fights the Abyssal Horror. @jbreezy: if you saw BoG and then Listen to what is Said it makes sence. Slight AU! Indeed it happens in novels, where Kirito is able to shock the underworld. Vegeta's Final Flash is faster than Super Saiyan Gotenks doing lap around the planet, therefore it's an outlier. Provide an exact timeframe for Gotenk's feat or else your claim is a completely baseless and empty statement that's unusable. Plus, the three hour journey to their destination, companion star Admina, meant that minor mishaps were well expected. You're the one who made the claim first about it being slower than Vegeta's Final Flash hence Vegeta being an outlier doofus, the burden of proof is on you to quantify a timeframe in order to prove it is or isn't slower than Vegeta's Final Flash, otherwise you can't use this to say it's an outlier, it's pretty simple. Are you trying to imply the DB Universe is less than 2 million KM? The darkness bursting from the sword was transforming day to. spoiler. Goku is so much faster and stronger than Kirito he could easily speedblitz him and beat the living shit out of him. @seitaer: you mean that for goku or for kirito beacuse I also read a LN and there are many flaws this guys maid, @jonathancarlton: it isn't an absolute zero it's only colder the outer space outer space is 2.7K when absolut zero is 0k and Goku fight in outer space he didn't show any kind of effection by it plus saiyan body works on Its own as soon as kirito would freeze him he would power up and break out plus it does t have universal range who told you this shit, @devoidruby: wrong ssg Goku almost accidently destroy a macrocosm while Just punching while kirito after clashing shook a Galaxy size universe so no it's not even Little a same feat as ssg Goku first read LN then see the whole DB anime and learen about it then say stuff, @fearreaperredux: Let me tell you this his ability is not 4D it doesn't have universal range and its not absolut zero who ever told you that is an idiot all it says in a LN its that is colder then outer space and thats 2.7K while absolut zero is 0K and Goku after his fight with frezzer fly in outer space to a distance planet so he can survive 2.7k as a ssj as a ssj3 this Just upgrades. @Star King Instant Death Chad Demon Lord. 100% Upvoted. All it really tells us is that he wasn't using his full power. Starting Location: Kingdom of Vale 3. Being Revised! Kirito (Star King) vs Son Goku (DBZ Manga) StarKingDemonLord; Wednesday at 06:24; Versus Threads; Replies 6 Views 94. Kirito is weak asf below average human level fodder, Goku kills him while he's on his bed stuck on that device and then oneshots the verse with a casual ki blast. And none of those other feats I mentioned correlate to the Gotenks scene regardless since those characters scale above, if anything your incorrect interpretation of Gotenks' feat would make Gotenks not an outlier (which isn't the case since you have no way whatsoever to prove how fast it was without a stated timeframe, however fact is it happened in a single panel and he crossed the Earth dozens of times with his trail visible even after he finished), not the 5 other far faster feats. There's a device on one of the spaceships that measures incarnate strength. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I've already provided a reason as to why Goku can get past it which you seem to have completely glossed over somehow yet try and talk about MY reading comprehension skills, learn some self awareness. Victory Conditions: Fall of 4 Kingdoms for SAO side and Defeating Kirito and Asuna for RWBY side 4. And the Abyssal Horror is only faster than them because it was drawing resources from space as well, leaving them with less spacial resources for their own crafts and slowing them down. Level 1 Kirito vs level 1000 The Incarnate Hero NO DAMAGE thought I would do a challenge before fatal bullet comes out. The Gourmet Hunter, Toriko. Star King Kirito at his peak vs Original/Alive Gilgamesh at his peak. Tai Kamiya vs. Seto Kaiba &Megatron 4. Sinon prayed, looking earnestly towards the sky through eyes wet with tears. you parroted that from a fan made vs site that is known to be unreliable. And the official translation actually uses one hour not ten minutes. Alice's Incarnation breaks the device for instance, and Kirito's Incarnation is far stronger than hers. Completely ignored having his entire limbs falling off caused by the beams of light. I never even mentioned the diagram, what? That's lifting strength not striking strength which Goku lacks apparently. Two character's that start with mind manipulation. Just a word of advice, own up to your idiocy and hypocrisy instead of resorting to pathetic excuses like this, it'll help you build your self esteem which you obviously lack since at this point it seems like you purposely try and make yourself look bad, and not continually get laughed at again and again in the long run. Round 5: First Form Cell. If Star King Kirito has not feats we'll have to go off of what else is presented and Star level is nothing to SSJ3 Goku. Ichigo Kurosaki vs. According to observations conducted later, after patrolling back and forth between the two stars at the same speed and on the same route and then considering the matter for a while, the space beast decided to allow all mechadragons to undergo interstellar travel under the condition that they would avoid times in which they would come into contact with it.".

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